Lots of new stuff: JWildfire V0.44 release

Just released JWildfire V0.44.

All of the numerous changes belong to the fractal flames generator T.I.N.A. , this release is some kind of “consolidation release”. Complete list of changes:

  • resolution and quality profiles for the main editor and the interactive renderer
  • quality- and resolution-profile-editor
  • quality- and resolution-related settings removed from the Preferences-window
  • randomize color keyframe position in the random gradient generator to create more interesting gradients
  • use gradients of random size in the random flame generators
  • “From Editor”/”To Editor” buttons to quick exchanging from fractals between the editor and the interactive renderer
  • rudimentary statistics display in the interactive renderer
  • automatically clear the screen in the interactive renderer
  • the interactive renderer also now respects the quality setting (from the render profile) and does not “overrender” as quickly as before
  • take into account the real density while tonemapping an image in the interactive renderer for saving
  • FIXED: mapping bug in the interactive renderer regarding pseudo3d shading
  • added some “wilderness” to the flowers-random-flame-generator
  • removed oversample controls from the coloring tab, added gamma threshold controls, reactivated filter radius control
  • increased the responsebility of various sliders
  • make use of more color in the gnarl random fractal generators
  • removed the “3d only” random flames generator which produces only simple shapes
  • new per-flame-option to preserve the z-coordinate when mixing 2D and 3D variations
  • Epispiral variation by cyberxaos
  • FIXED: the foci variation was broken (caused msot flames to “vanish”)
  • falloff2 and post_falloff2 variation by Xyrus02
  • farblur variation by zephyrtronium
  • flipy and flipcircle variation by Michal Faber

Just click the “Random flames” button – or alternatively now the “Next” button – to start playing around and have fun 🙂

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