BAAAM! JWildfire V1.00 release!

Yeah! Finally it is done!

Today I’m proud to announce, that version 1.00 of JWildfire is finished and is ready for you to download!

It took quiet a lot of work, and it was not always easy to do all this after work and “besides” family, but I did not go this way alone. I have to thank my family and the JWildfire community at Facebook, without you this thing would never have been happened!

I want especially thank the following persons:
– my wonderful wife Patricia
– Martin Flink turning out as a brother when I needed it
– Scott Draves for inventing and exploring the flame-fractal-algorithm
– Catherine Boyer for being such a nice and supportive person straight from the beginnig
– Mark Townsend for creating Apophysis
– Tom Allen who made me join the JWildfire Users Group when I just had abandoned the flame-related part of the software 😉
– Joel Faber, Micheal Faber and Georg Kiehne (also the creator of Apophysis7X) for inventing and exloring so many interesting formulas
– Isabelle Derycke, Jean Schlein, Julie Hayland, Dave Wiskowski, Stephen Nesbit, VÆ°Æ¡ng Tá»­ Trá»±c for so many amazing and inspiring artworks!
– Thomas Ludwig (the inventor and creator of chaotica) for always having a smart and sharp comment 🙂
– Peter Sdobnov for inventing the “3d hack” for flame-fractals

Okay, after this long text, now in short about whats new 😉 There are some really new exciting new features!

There is even a completely new module called the “Flame Browser”. It helps you to keep track with your own creatins and is roughly inspired by Google’s Picasa. It shows dates (months at first level, days at second level) at the left, and the corresponding flames on the right (as realtime preview).

Maybe hardly to explain by using words, just look for a new tab called “Flame Browser” and hit the “Refresh”-button! 🙂

Complete list of changes:

  • new “Flame browser”-module
  • new option in the Preferences to store a flame automatically if a rendered image is stored (applies to both the Main Editor and the Interactive Renderer, defaults to OFF)
  • new option in the Preferences to control the generation of HDR-images from within the Interactive Renderer (per default: OFF)
  • fixed an issue regarding calculation of DoF
  • new “grid3d_wf” variation inspired by the “dc_cube” variation invented by Xyrus02
  • faster preview mode for the renderer, especially useful for the svg_wf variation. Any flames containing the “svg_wf” are displayed in the file preview substantly faster
  • added 7 great artworks for the launcher, created by Stephen Nesbit, thanks Stephen!
  • added support for saving/loading flames having the same variation multiple times inside of one transform
  • keep the order of variations while loading/saving flames (rather than sorting them in alphabetical order)
  • removed a bug regarding saving flame-titles with quotes

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

6 comments on “BAAAM! JWildfire V1.00 release!

  1. Erik JM Schneider on said:

    Thank you! I have only played with this application for–oh, look: it’s been four hours! But I am already convinced my search for an up-to-date free/open source fractal generating application for OS X is over. I have not yet rendered any high-resolution images, but the editor itself is the best I have come across so far. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to build a Linux program from source. For many reasons that are sometimes opaque to me, that hardly ever goes well!

    I am running Java 7 on OS X 7 Lion on a mid-2011 iMac, and this software runs more quickly than Oxidizer will and I have not stumbled over any majorly-annoying bugs. And that is more than I can say for my first four hours with Oxidizer. I am giving it 2048MB of RAM at startup, but otherwise it runs fine without any tweaking.

    And I almost passed it up because it was Java. But then I remembered what year it was and that I have been using Processing for several months now without all those freezes and crashes that Java was once notorious for on the Mac.


  2. fengda on said:

    My java version is 6 before.
    I can run it,but now I can’t.
    I don’t know why I can’t run it in my computer.
    after I upgrade java7 64 version. still can’t run .
    And I find it will take me several G memories.

    • thargor6 on said:

      Sry, but I also dont know why you cant run it on your computer, when you are not willing to give any details. But, please use the forum to do this

  3. fengda on said:

    why do you choose java langugae to develop this software.
    I find it was not Stable

    • thargor6 on said:

      Sry, but the software is not for “small” computers. Better use Apophysis if you have an old system. And, Java 6 is so old that it is not maintained anymore. And if you face a problem, please file a bug report in the forum. Such unstructured discussions are in the most cases just pointless. Thank you!

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