JWildfire V1.62 release

Just released JWildfire V1.62. Only a few changes this time, but there are two new (really cool) variations included. Enjoy!

Complete list of changes:

  • link to the video-tutorials in the Welcome-screen
  • new “julian3Dx”-variation by Xyrus02
  • new “dla_wf”-variation (“dla” = “diffusion-limited aggregation” in this case)
  • FIXED: a problem regarding refresh in the gradient editor
  • slight fix to the “onion2”-variation

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂 

One comment on “JWildfire V1.62 release

  1. Predrag Kalajdzijevic on said:

    Thank you Andreas for another beautiful release of JWildfire (v.1.62). I have sadly to say, that new release still not working in Win 8.1 Update 1 x64 with Java 8 x64. Kind regards,


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