MB3D1.99.27 release with major update to BulbTracer2

Just released MB3D 1.99.27 as major update.

This version comes with another huge update to the new mesh generator (BTracer2):

  • optionally use the OpenGL-window for previewing the mesh. This is slightly slower, but gives you a much better impression of the final mesh
  • an official documentation for all BTracer2-related topics: BTracer2.pdf
  • controls for rotating the mesh
  • optional tracing ranges for better control of the result (e.g. allowing you to only create a mesh of a certain slice of the whole traced cube)
  • option to create closed meshes (along the trace-range-boarders)
  • loading/saving of all options (including fractal-params) in a new file-format (*.btrace2)
  • more efficient memory-management
  • creating BTracer2-Cache-files which can be processed using a new external 64Bit-companion-app, called BTracer2x64
    • to create meshes of any size your machine can handle
    • unlike to the feature to create meshes, MB3D can generate cache-files for any volumetric resolution (they just need some time to calculate and consume a lot of space on your hard-drive).
    • using the external app, you can create meshes from those cache-files and let them automatically reduced (optional feature)
    • please note, that you are not allowed to use the NON-COMMERCIAL-version of this application in commercial projects (see BTracer2.pdf for details)

See the file CHANGES.txt for a list of changes.

When using BTracer2: please do read the official documentation, it will probably answer most of your questions.

When you have further questions, feel free to contact me at thargor6@googlemail.com.


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