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  • JWildfire 4.10 release

    Just released JWildfire V4.10, which is a another big update. Again, thanks Rick Sidwell, Jesus Sosa, Brad Stefanov and all others for their dedication and valuable contributions!

    Complete changes (you can also see this list inside the program at the any time, see Help->List of changes ):

    • New variation: dc_code by Jesus Sosa
    • Enhancements to dc_ variations by Jesus Sosa
    • Tips for Apophysis users (in Fractal flames: Help window) updated
    • Preference tinaCustomVariationsPath is now used for custom_wf and custom_wf_full
    • New Color Type feature
      There are now two coloring types, selectable per transform on the Color tab:
      NONE (the default for final transforms) does not change the color; this is the way final transforms have traditionally
      worked in JWildfire
      DIFFUSION (the default for normal transforms) uses the Color and Speed settings with the gradient; this is the standard
      method for coloring flames.
      Changing the Color Type for final transforms to DIFFUSION allows final transforms to adjust the colors, as it does in other
      flame programs.
      Changing the Color Type for normal transforms to NONE allows them to manipulate true color (rgbColor) variations without
      sucking the color away.
    • various fixes by Rick Sidwell
      – Save Fg opacity in flame file
      – Subflame fixes to prevent hanging JWildfire
      – Stop spurious message when changing quality profiles
      – Show correct color speed when adding linked transform
      – Add default macro buttons when no preferences file is found
      – Fix bug with RECTANGLE control shapes
    • reduced the precision of PointCloud-export in order to use less memory
    • new “Phoenix”-random-flame-generator
    • new variations (no particular order):
      by Jesus Sosa
      by Whittaker Courtney
      – pre_recip
      by Brad Stefanov
      – gridout3D
      – cone
      – dc_carpet3D
      – tqmirror
      by DarkBeam
      – holesq
      – spligon
      – plusrecip
      by TyrantWave
      – henon
    • various fixes by Rick Sidwell:
      – Fract variation bug fixes
      – Bug fix: adjust xaos when deleting xforms
      – Fix NotSerializableException when saving render state
      – Fix Help frame anomalies
      – Fix bugs in Open Image
      – Script from flame: add draw mode and preserve z
      – Script from flame: add centreX and centreY
    • removed dc_escher variation (copyright issue) which was introduced with 4.10 RC1

    Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

  • JWildfire 4.10 release candidate 1 is available

    Just released Release Candidate 1 of Wildfire V4.10 which contains a ton of new variations and various bug fixes.

    Thanks to Rick Sidwell, Whittaker Courtney, Jesus Sosa, Brad Stefanov and DarkBeam (in no particular order) for their contributions!

    You can find the list of changes inside the program (“Help -> List of Changes”)

    Have fun!

    Edit: A MacOS-version is also available now.