JWildfire V1.64 release: the “dark-beam”-edition :-)

Just released JWildfire V1.64 which is … again … another milestone! This time primarily driven by comments and works of Luca aka “dark-beam” at dA, big thanks to him 🙂 Luca invents lots of formulas for different fractal software and especially pointed out the problem that JWildfire not accepts numbers with more than 3 digits after the decimal point. I knew that (once), but it got out of focus. But now it is fixed, and 7 digits after the decimal point are guaranteed in most of the cases. This is a real big improvement! Additionaly, the mouse-dragging of parameter is more accurate and supports also the “Fine”-setting (i. e. activate the “Fine”-button to increase precision).
And, additionally, there are some more really cool new variations invented by Luca included into the new version. You can see some of them in action by trying the new “Rays”-random-flame-generator 🙂

Complete list of changes:

  • improved the precision of the the numberic fields (7 digits after the decimal point are guaranteed in the most cases), which is especially great for gnarls. Thanks for dark-beam for pointing at this old bug! 🙂
  • improved the smoothness of modifying parameters by dragging the mouse by about factor 2.5
  • the “Fine”-adjustment is now also taken into account when modifying parameters by dragging the mouse. If the “Fine”-button is enabled all changes have a increased smoothness (precision) by factor 10.
  • new experimental and super-cool “bwrands”-variation by dark-beam
  • new “loonie2” and “loonie3”-variation by dark-beam
  • new “Rays”-random-flame-generator which uses some of the new featurs to create really cool random flames
  • new “jac_cn”, “jac_dn” and “jac_sn”-variations invented by dark-beam
  • increased the size of the weight-field (of a transform)

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

One comment on “JWildfire V1.64 release: the “dark-beam”-edition :-)

  1. Craig Bak ~ 7thDwarf on said:

    Thanks very much mate, downloading now as I just back from my holiday!
    What a bonus to round of a great week!

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