JWildfire 3.50 release: big update!

Just released JWildfire V3.50 which is a rather big update. Again, thanks Rick Sidwell, Jesus Sosa and Brad Stefanov for their valuable contributions!

Changes in short:

  • simplified and faster user interface, no more nested windows
  • support for Java 10 (but you can still use Java 8)
  • affine3D-transform and affine3D-random-flame-generator which creates nice 3d-shapes
  • lots of new variations/transforms/formulas
  • lots of optimizations

Complete changes (you can also see this list inside the program at the any time, see Help->List of changes ):

  • removed the desktop and the Navigator-window in order to simplify and speed-up the user-interface
  • faster app-startup, there are now 3 random flames generated at start (and it is still faster than before)
  • improved the resize-behaviour/speed of the main-editor-window
  • support for Java 10 (Please note, that JWildfire still works with Java 8 and Java 8 ist still supported by Oracle.
    But, Java 10 is also supported now, and when you want to use the UI-scaling-feature, you will need Java 10.)
  • many new variations:
    • affine3D (ported from Flamelet)
    • anamorphcyl (Jesus Sosa)
    • dc_kaleidotile (Brad Stefanov)
    • disc3 (Brad Stefanov)
    • glynns3subfl (Jesus Sosa)
    • gpattern (Jesus Sosa)
    • hyperbolicellipse (Jesus Sosa)
    • lazysensen (Brad Stefanov)
    • lozi (Brad Stefanov)
    • nsudoku (Jesus Sosa)
    • projective (Brad Stefanov)
    • pulse (Brad Stefanov)
    • pTransform (Rick Sidwell)
    • q_ode (Brad Stefanov)
    • ringsubflame (Jesus Sosa)
    • sunflower (Jesus Sosa)
    • sunvoroni (Jesus Sosa)
    • taprats (Jesus Sosa)
    • terrain3D (Jesus Sosa)
    • vibration2 (Brad Stefanov)
    • wangtiles (Jesus Sosa)
  • new “Affine3D”-random-flame-generator (also taken from Flamelet)
  • updated the jsyntaxpane-library (used for syntax-highlighting while editing text) to version 1.1.5
  • increased the default font size for the script-editor inside JWildfire
  • internal optimization/API-changes: extended the API of variations:
    there is now an initOnce()-Event which is only called once for the
    first thread (unlike to init() which is called for each thread).
    This new event should be used for heavy init-operations (like loading and parsing a file)
  • the following variations use the new API and should behave more smooth (=use less memory and CPU)
    when initializing for a render:

    • wangtiles
    • terrain3D
    • dla_wf
    • dla3d_wf
    • knots3D
    • sattractor3D
  • improved the speed of the following variations:
    • dustpoint
    • knots3D
    • sattractor3D
  • improved the stability of the following variations (Rick Sidwell):
    • brownian_js
    • dragon_js
    • glynnsim3
    • ghosperisland
    • hilbert_js
    • htree_js
    • koch_js
    • lsystem_js
    • rsquares_js
    • tree_js
    • new property tinaLSystemMaxLength in the prefs to specify maximum size of the generated string for the L-System variation
  • bug fixes for symmetry order and animation control update
  • fixed a bug regarding rendering motion-blur

Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun 🙂

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