TINA (Fractal flame editor)


TINA is a fractal flame generator inspired by flam3 and Apophysis and is directly integrated into JWildfire. Intentionally developed as just a plugin TINA currently has turned into the main feature of JWildfire.

Key features:

      • simple and realtime-updated user interface. All “triangle editing”, gradient tweaking, camera adjustment, … takes place in the same window. Changes to any property are displayed immediately in the center preview area. The “triangle editing” takes place directly “on top” of the final fractal
      • More than 300 built-in plugins (variations) – and it’s very easy to create your own
      • some really innovative and exclusive plugins, e.g.
        • texture-mapping (bump and color)
        • include text objects (using any of your available fonts) into your fractals
        • many variations to include “classic fractals”, even in Buddhabrot rendering mode
        • sub flames (nested flames as variations)
      • optional HDR rendering (for later external tonemapping)
      • fast switching between variations to easy try out things
      • triangles may be edited by just dragging them with the mouse or using precise controls
      • different sophisticated random fractal generators which really make fun to play with
      • thumbnail “ribbon” which allows it to switch between various fractals (or versions of them) via mouse-click
      • high quality rendering (spatial and DE filter)
      • flame preview in file dialogs
      • compatible with Apophysis as much a possible (can directly read and write *.flame files, uses the same terms)
      • copy/paste flames directly from/to clipboard (makes it even easier to import oder export flames from/to Apo)
      • includes the popular “3d hack” by Peter Sdobnov (both 3D view and dof)
      • includes one more “3d hack” – the shading hack – created only for JWildfire
      • integrated compiler for scripting and creating custom variations on the fly
      • contains an integrated simple animation and morphing system
      • addional animation system to synchronize sound with fractal motion
      • is integrated into an image processing package which makes postprocessing a natural process and allows more complex animations using parameter envelopes
      • batch renderer for always keeping your system busy
      • running on all systems with installed Java 6 oder higher
      • fresh code base released unter the LPGL
      • comfortable and decent UI using the new Nimbus theme of Java
      • fast program launch, no ads, no forced registering, no payment for rendering high res images, no bullshit at all, it’s fun and free


      • flam3 and the algorithm (“cosmic recursive fractal flames”) itself was invented by Scott Draves
      • Apophysis 2.0 was created by Mark Townsend, Ronals Hordijk, Piotr Borys and Peter Sdobnov
      • Lot’s of great plugins (variations) were created by lots of nice people. Unfortunately it is not such easy to create a complete list to give them credit but I will continously work on this.
      • The current version of Apophysis called “Apophysis7X” was created by Georg Kiehne