About MB3D

MB3D (together with the Mandelbulb itself) was initially invented at the forum fractalforums.com, the software was written by the user Jesse.  After Jesse retired, I finally took over the project, so now I’m the current maintainer of MB3D.

I created four releases so far and added the following improvements:

  • BulbTracer-module to create meshes from within MB3D
    MB3D BulbTracer
  • Extended the BulbTracer-module to create point-clouds with high detail from within MB3D
    MB3D Pointcloud Export
  • Integrated module to generate heightmaps from arbitrary meshes
    MB3D HeightMap Generator
  • MutaGen-module to easily explore new combinations of formulas and settings
    MB3D MutaGen
  • integrated formula-editor for creating/editing JIT-compiled formulas
    MB3D JIT-Formula-Editor
  • Support for animated (height)maps
  • Navigator-size may be adjusted
  • Global rework of the UI, added theme-support
  • official bug-reporting tool