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JWildfire is the spiritual successor of the award winning image-processing software Wildfire\7PPC for the Amiga. But, this time implemented using a high-level language (Java), with a more sophisticated user interface, and much more cool effects, and flame fractals :-)

JWildfire 2.60 preview

Flame fractals

The currently most complete feature is  the flame fractal module called TINA (“TINA” is a recursive acrononym and does mean “TINA is not Apophysis”).
Backed up by JWildfire’s image-processing-capabilitie, TINA is the most powerful and versatile flame fractal software available, and additionally it runs on nearly any platform.

TINA features an powerful and intuitive editor, a simple-to-use morphing-based animation-editor, motion-blur, freely editable motion-curves for almost any property, a gradient-editor, a module were you can create sound-synchronized flame fractal -movies, and much more.

iflames and integrated sunflow renderer



You can download the latest binaries right here at this site, where the source code is hosted a GitHub.

To report any bug reports or get in touch with the community feel welcome to visit the official forum at http://jwildfire.org/forum/
Feel welcome to join us at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/JWildfireOpenGroup/ were you can find the major part of our community  :-)
If you prefer Google+ over Facebook, feel welcome to join us as https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/118391398023168606746 :-)

Key Features of JWildfire:

  • contains the most complete and versatile Flame fractal editor available
  • stunning 3D effects (such as wave3D, water, twirl3d, …)
  • 3D effect superimposition (e. g. wave3D interference)
  • image composition (layers, even for HDR images)
  • image generators (perlin noise, cloud generator, plasma, …)
  • many “common” image processing effects in 2D (such as twirl, erode, convolve, …)
  • simple, powerful and visual appealing graphical user interface
  • Sunflow renderer integration for high quality rendering (experimental)
  • robust and object-oriented software-design, easy to extend
  • runs on any major platform which features a Java runtime (does not mean that you need a Java plugin for your Web browser)
JWildfire V0.15 Screenshot

JWildfire is optimized using the YourKit Java Profiler. YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is the creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit’s leading software products: YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler.

JWildfire V0.16 Screenshot

39 comments on “JWildfire Main

  1. Hi :)

    JWildfire V2.60 – Windows 64 Bit, with included Java8 – (12/10/15)

    doesn’t open.

    The Windows 10 task manager shows that Java Platform SE Binary is running in second plan using CPU and Memory.

    I tried many times restarting Windows and only one time after a long period (more than 30 minutes) it opened.

    Someone has the same problem with Windows 10, 64 bits?

    • thargor6 on said:

      I do not know the problem (developing and running it on Windows 10 always worked), so can’t tell you about the reason. You could try to erase the “jre”-folder inside the JWildfire-folder and install/use your own Java runtime.

      Good luck,

  2. J-Wildfire your software is epic and brilliant! I love it. To all users you need patience and time to allow your flames to convert to png but the results are amazing and beautiful and compliment audio files magically. Totally impressed and a fan , keep up the great work.

  3. coolpicgirl2 on said:

    would like a downloadable version for chrome os

  4. Mrinmoy on said:

    Sorry in the previous post I mistyped J-wildfire as Angelfire.


    • thargor6 on said:

      No problem, what do you mean exactly with “adjust the iterations”? You can visually create nearly any 2D-IFS using the software and render them at any quality in any resolution.
      There is currently no way to calculate the fractal dimension, but this is an interesting idea.


  5. Mrinmoy on said:

    Hi Andreas

    I saw a couple of video demos of Angelfire on Youtube and I really liked it. I need to create a few 2D Iterated function systems (just grayscale images in jpeg format) and I need to be able to adjust the iterations of the different figures generated. Also I would need to know about the fractal dimensions of the generated figures. Are these possible with your software ? Actually I tried quite a few of the freewares available and these features were either not present or I could not figure them out.

    I would appreciate if you could help me out with the above.


  6. Asterios on said:

    Thank you for this wonderfull offer!
    Keep on!!

  7. shabrido on said:

    That was my first fractal software I tried. Just at the start I created some amazing looking fractals with ease. So far I cannot really decide in comparison “jwildfire vs apophysis” (apo seems faster, jwildfire has more capabilities and formula combinations.

    By the way it’s a really great software and I definitely gonna use it in future to create incredible art! THANK YOU! You are the boss!

  8. Hillary on said:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful software! It’s quick and easy! I use it for a few days and I’ve had incredible results, I’ll enjoy…. forever! Thanks again :)

  9. Michael on said:

    I can’t seem to get this to launch. :(

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hi, the software will run at almost any modern computer. Please report details of your problem in the forum ( http://jwildfire.org/forum/ )

      Best regards,

    • katherine on said:

      It doesnt launch for me either and while I can see others on the forum are having issues as well I am not able to register for the forum because the crazy random generated numbers or letters are too hard to see. I tried several times and then got locked out and unable to register. I can only assume the tiny elements I thought were just clutter to fool machines must have been tiny letters too small for my eyes to make out. I give up.

      • thargor6 on said:

        I’m really sorry for this, but it is necessary because there are so many morons out there which are attacking (not only the forum) all the time. There is no way to deactivate this kind of stuff, so please try to get help with the registration process in your local area (friends, family, …).

        Best regards,

  10. rich pack on said:

    Hi Andreas,

    I have just started working with JWildfire on a Mac, and I am getting the “Java Heap Space” message when I set the resolution too high on certain flame renderings. Somewhere I thought I saw that Heap Size could be changed from Startup Options. If so, how do I get to JWildfire Startup Options? If not, how do I set up/change the Heap Size for JWildfire on a Mac?

    • thargor6 on said:

      you specify the amount of memory in the launcher, general hints regarding the launching of the program are covered in the supplied document “README_LAUNCH.txt”

      Best regards,

    • katherine on said:

      I am sure the notes in the readme launch file make a lot of sense to developers but I am not a developer. your bat does nothing when I double click on it and all the .sh file does is open in my text editor.

      Im a designer not a software compiler. I just want an icon to double click and start the program. if there is anyone out there who can give real directions on how to make this thing work with Mac OSX Lion and a noob like moi Id appreciate the step by step or better yet, a simple application icon to launch the app with.

      thanks for your time

      • thargor6 on said:

        The software is a plattform-independant solution. On some plattforms the integration works better, on others not. There is a continous effort to improve this, but Mac is (like so often) the weakest plattform regarding this. But it works and it works well. We have a forum and a FB group were you can meet users who sucessfully use the software. I for myself have no Mac and cant help.

      • thargor6 on said:

        With the current release 1.03 it should be easier to launch the software on Mac, even with the internet plugin. At least, I have successfully tested it

        Best regards

  11. Morgan on said:


    Have to say, love the work. But whenever I tried to launch, I got “Error: Unable to access jarfile j-wildfire-launcher.jar”. What should I do?

    • thargor6 on said:

      please extract the contents of the *.zip -file you downloaded to any folder on your harddisk, enter this drawer and invoke the start.bat (if you are using the Windows OS). On other operating systems just invoke the j-wildfire-launcher.jar directly. If this does not work, please contact me again per mail.


  12. cricke49 on said:

    hey Andreas, i have a couple questions, how do i get different gradients to jwildfire? and also are there any new scripts or how do i get scripts to jwildfire? btw i love this program!:)


  13. sidney orr on said:

    Your work certainly is a recommendation. I would like to find an executable
    version, in a cloud, or be able to install such w/o worrying about my Java
    server in any way….As an ex-Oracle developer, I have had it with Java,
    and simply am interested in good (not “graduate student programming”)
    interfaces and APIs, which are always the best indicator of good functionality. Is there a distribution version of the software, that doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to install (by an experienced IT person) in win XP please?

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hi, there is no need to install if you already have a Java runtime. Just extract the *.zip to any drawer and invoke the start.bat. Should be done in 30 seconds :D

  14. Keith Lostracco on said:

    Great Job! This is the best flame editor animation software yet! Super stoked to use it. And you incorporated audio!

    thanks for the awesome software


  15. I tried many fractal generators and they were all so complicated and so slow. When I saw fractals made by one girl on deviantart, I instantly fell in love with this software. I am using it for few days now and I am totally addicted! Awesome work, Andreas! Thank you so much for making fractal art available to begginers!

  16. TMarchev on said:

    Good software i download now:)

    – my portfolio: http://www.dreamstime.com/TMarchev_info-resi1551308

  17. Dude, thanks for putting this thing together. Your work with it looks awesome!

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