JWildfire tutorials

1. “What does this button do?” by Naomi Richmond

1.1 The beginning

1.2 The camera block

1.3 The flame editor block

1.4 Transformations & affine blocks

1.5 The gradient tab

2. How to create an ornamented plate

This is the first JWildfire tutorial. It is very brief and and shows how to create a nice gold plate using T.I.N.A. the fractal flame editor integrated in JWildfire. The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file.

3. Mastering “xaos” (relative weights) to compose fractals

This is the second JWildfire tutorial. It is very brief and explains many facts about relative weights (“xaos”) and describes how to use this knowledge to compose one fractal of several other fractals where the building fractals do NOT affect others.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file and there is also a zip file with some templates and examples.

4. Using sub flames

Holey mesh

This is the third JWildfire tutorial. It is very brief and explains how to create mindblowing fractals by using flames (you created before) as variations.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file.

5. Creating custom variations on the fly


This is the fourth JWildfire tutorial. It is very brief and explains how to create our own variations on the fly.
JWildfire contains an integrated Java-compiler which allows to generate scripts and even variations during runtime. Those generated variations can be tested without starting any external  tool or performing any complicated step.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file.

6. Image mapping fun


This is the fifth JWildfire tutorial. It explains the features of the image-mapping-variations “(post_)colormap_wf” and shows numerous examples of their use.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file.

7. Using the dancing-flames-module

After a long time, this is the 6th official JWildfire tutorial. It is very detailed and explains on 20 pages how to create unique animations using the dancing-flames-module.

The basic concepts are explained, and some concrete examples are shown. But because this new module is just so powerful, the tutorial can be just an introduction.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file. The example is both available for download or as listing inside of the document

8. Using layerz

This is the 7th official JWildfire tutorial about layerz. It explains all the background and shows how to work with layerz.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file.

9. Understanding and creating iflamez

iflame tutorial
This is the 8th official JWildfire tutorial and shows how to understand and create iflamez.

The tutorial itself is provided as pdf file, and there is an example image provided.


36 comments on “JWildfire tutorials

  1. Tomas on said:

    I just installed JW and wanted to read the tutorials.
    None here starting with 2 works – clicking on the image only shows the image.
    How can I read/download the tutorials ? Couldn’t there be a sentence at the start of the page saying where the pdf are ?
    I am using IE.

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hi, the tutorials are provived as pdf, you can downloading them by clicking at the text “tutorial” in the description. Unfortunately, the current skin makes those links invisible

  2. Thnx alot for this ammazing software… Greeting from Berlin…

  3. I am working with a student and would like to create Bubble path like the one http://fractaldesigns.net/#jp-carousel-206
    do you have a simple tutorial written on how to do it?
    Ian P, Nottingham

  4. PaMonk / Barbara on said:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know I downloaded a few of you’re tutorials So I may learn more about This Wonderful program
    And was Wondering if you take donations by mail. Thank you.

    • thargor6 on said:

      Thank you! I hope you will find the tutorials useful! If you want to send a donation by mail, I will give you my postal adress.

      • Barbara / PaMonk on said:

        Thanks and I am Learning it may take a little while
        Yes if you could send it to me I would like to make a Donation
        I don’t know how much i can send but I will send something to help along this is a very Amazing program You can send via email or just send in a Note at my DeviantArt page Thanks.

  5. utlen on said:

    where is the dancing-flames-module PDF situated? I have looked everywhere but i cannot find it. use Mozilla nightly as a browser.

  6. Abdul Ahmad on said:

    Do you have a table of the frequency ranges for your FFTChannel setting in Dance? It would be nice to know – for purposes of mapping color and other related geometries to sounds being fed into it. The tutorial says 64 channels, but there are no actual Hz or kHz ranges associated with the channel numbers in the tutorial.

    • thargor6 on said:

      Sorry, currently I have no such table, maybe I will add this info later into the program itself


  7. Lawrence J. Diggs on said:

    Where is the button for rendering animations? Is there a tutorial for rendering animations?

    • thargor6 on said:

      Currently the software generates only sequences of images, you must use another tool to assemble them into a video clip. This may change soon. There are no tutorials yet, you may join one of the communities or the forum to ask for help or currently must try on your own. This will also change soon.

  8. Ida-Marie on said:

    ist es möglich die Instruktionen auch in Deutsch zu erhalten ??

    • thargor6 on said:

      Derzeit leider noch nicht, da sich noch kein freiwilliger Übersetzer gefunden hat und ich vollständig mit der Entwicklung ausgelastet bin. Aber irgendwann sicher… 🙂

  9. Love the program and thanks for all you do. Was wondering if there was a way to arrange or move the layers. ie: move one from position 5, to say, top layer? Loving the new additions.


  10. Hammehai on said:

    Hallo Andreas, die JWildfire ist klasse, mir fehlt nur ein Plugin,das post_rblur, das kann ich selbst nicht in eine Class Datei umwandeln,und einsetzen.

    Kannst Du mir da helfen ? Das Plugin habe ich da….

    Danke für die Antwort.


  11. Linky de Bruyn on said:

    PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO INCREASE THE HEAP SIZE and where do I find the startup options? Your answer will be appreciated.

  12. Valerie on said:

    I love this program but where do I save the render and in what format please.

    • thargor6 on said:

      you must render the image first before you can save it. A dialog box will occur. The images are saved in the PNG format.

      Best regards

  13. fengda on said:

    I test the 6th tutorial,very very good.
    Thank you very much.
    Now I have a question.
    The dance module maybe only can be used for one flame.
    How can make the transition animation between this flame to the next flame?

    Maybe in the next version 😀

    • thargor6 on said:

      the transition between flames is currently to be done manually, but this is by design. Imagine this as a DJ’s gob 🙂
      But maybe there will be some automatic feature in the upcoming versions, I just wanted to ponit out, that this is no bug, it is intended 🙂

      Best regards,

  14. Naomi Richmond on said:

    I’ve attempted tutorial 2 about four times. My screen looks like the screenshots, however, after I finished this step Create the routes for the first template fractal, my serpensky triangle never appeared. In fact, nothing at all happened. Except for my Transform triangles my work area window was blank. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, or where I am going wrong. HELP , it would be beneficial if for every step, we could have a screenshot of exactly what each parameter setting should be (I realize that would entail many screenshots for each step if we are to have the correct settings for each tab for each transform) Thank you Perhaps you could email me the settings because just repeating what I’ve been doing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity lol.

    • thargor6 on said:

      I have currently no time as I have to deal with so many things, but I will come to you back later.
      If you are in search for help, it is best to join our JWildfire Open Group as I personally never will have the time to answer all of the messages I get. But I try hard 😉

      Best regards,

  15. Francisco Javier Felix Lares on said:


  16. Francisco Javier Felix Lares on said:

    muchas gracias, lo probare
    thanks for the program……….continue improve……..

  17. xXLOLDAXx on said:

    This is so awesome! I’ve only just started with this program, and already the results are amazing!

  18. Madachribi on said:

    Hi, Tharg06, hab mir gerade Dein Programm heruntergeladen, aber leider ist ja alles in Englisch und nun muß ich mit jedes Detail erstmal im Sprachübersetzer eingeben unn mir einen Einblick zu verschaffen, Oder gibt es viellicht eine deutsche Hilfeseite?
    Lg madachribi

    • thargor6 on said:

      Hallo madachribi,
      nein es gibt leider aktuell keine deutsche Hilfeseite, da noch niemand danach gefragt hat. Bisher ist JWildfire eine eher internationale Software, was auch absolut hilft. um das Programm besser und besser zu machen. Bei Fragen einfach fragen 🙂 Es ist alles möglich, auch spezielle Versionen in Deutsch

  19. Adrian Morgan on said:

    I tried the “ornamented plate” tutorial yesterday. All was going well until it came to altering the values under the Affine tab. In the pdf tutorial, in the “Duplicate the main shape” section, where one is instructed to alter the parameters in the fields “C20” and “C21”. As the version I was trying (0.48) had new titles for these fields, “O1” and “O2” respectively, I got into problems. The first time I was able to look at the screenshot on the tutorial pdf and change the appropriate parameters, but as I got further along with the other duplicate transforms, I got seriously confused and did not end up with anything like screenshot 5. I tried to backtrack but I had already made a mess of the step-by-step process. I will try again later after I make a small sketch of that area with the earlier names of the two fields.

    It is probably only a small issue, but new users could become confused by the different names of the fields. I am now at that age where I get easily confused!

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